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Why Bitcoin is best (but I’m not buying), Web3 domain rankings, and a 7 figure fat finger NFT bid

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  • Why Bitcoin is best (but I’m not buying)

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Richard Patey - @richardpatey


Fidelity Digital Assets published it’s report Bitcoin First Revisited, 18 months after they outlined why they think Bitcoin is fundamentally different from other digital assets.

It’s from the perspective of if you could only invest in one crypto asset, and through that lens I totally agree:

No other digital asset is likely to improve upon bitcoin as a monetary good because bitcoin is the most (relative to other digital assets) secure, decentralized, sound digital money and any “improvement” will potentially face trade-offs.

But I’m also not buying it.

Instead I’m DCAing Solana, which I’ll sell near the top into Bitcoin, with the aim of making far more sats.


I just came across a web3 domain aggregator at DIDhub due to this post by Ishmilly showing the ranking of projects:

It’s interesting to see that over the last 30 days, Unstoppable is top of the leaderboard with over 130K domain name sales, with ENS in second place with just over 40K sales:

But as Ishmilly says, this doesn’t include Handshake domains which recently launched decentralized domains (although have only sold just over 700 to date due to only 4 TLDs being available), which can be used as wallet addresses:


The owner of a Cryptoadz just took a 1,055 ETH offer.

The floor is 0.5 ETH…

That’s right, it was meant to be 1.055 ETH offer, but the bidder put a comma rather than a dot:

The bid was only out for just over 10 minutes before the bidder realized their mistake, but it was too late, it got accepted.

A friend of mine actually knows the person who owned this toad previously, potentially missing out on a 7 figure pay day, as long as your bid notifications are on.

And as NFT Statistics reports, the trade resulted in over $40K in fees to Opensea!

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