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This week I discuss Blur launching Blend, publishing using Content at Scale and buying an exact match crypto domain

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Hey there 👋,

In this week’s newsletter, I discuss:

  • Empire Flippers going international

  • Publishing 90K+ words on Content at Scale

  • The Financialization of NFTs

  • Voting on Opepen Sets

  • Buying an exact match (web2) crypto domain

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Richard Patey - @richardpatey


🇪🇸 Empire Flippers Goes International

Justin at Empire Flippers just announced that they are now accepting non-English sites, giving marketplaces like Dot Market some competition:

🥲 Not Paying Writers over $7K

I’ve been publishing content back on my old personal site at richardpatey.com and at acquire.gg using Content at Scale (CaS) and am now at almost 100K words published:

It’s great to see how much time and money I’ve saved using the platform - over $7K in not having to pay writers. I’m editing each piece, some very lightly, some quite heavily, and they are indexing well.

Once this content starts to rank, I’ll be adding CTAs to sign up to my newsletters, using the websites as a funnel for subscriber growth (as I break down in The Newsletter Is The Business).

And CaS have announced a new paid trial offer at just $39.99 where you can generate a 2900+ word article from a keyword or an existing blog post, and keep adding sections or rerunning the thing until you’re happy with the output.

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🏦 The Financialization of NFTs

The biggest news in the NFT space over the last week has been the Blur marketplace launching Blend:

It’s a peer-to-peer lending protocol with market determined interest rates and no oracle dependency (i.e. no need to ping Chainlink to see what the collection price is). People can take loans against their NFTs and then use the ETH elsewhere or to lever up and buy more NFTs. There is no due date or fixed liquidation price like BendDao has.

Instead, it’s a daily APY interest rate where the lender can choose to close the loan at any given point, giving the borrower 30 days to pay it off or refinance with another loan - essentially putting most of the risk on the borrower:

If we look at the Punks collection, right now you can borrow at 100% LTV but at a 995% APY, or borrow at 0% APY (lenders max their lending points by doing this) but only borrow at 65% LTV:

A super high LTV % of your NFT is effectively an option to default on the loan for free - it’s giving you cheap funding rate leverage.

This could be a very interesting tool to deploy when volume comes back in the next bull market, or around what you think will be big news events, acting essentially as a call option (with interest).

The flipside of borrowing is a new buy now pay later (BNPL) offering, below is how someone bought an Azuki listed at 15.9 ETH for just 2.2 ETH down:

And if you just want to bet that the price of NFTs will go up or down, there are some PERPs for that.

🐸 Voting on Opepen Sets

Over the last week, Jack Butcher announced that the artwork for Opepen will be in sets of 80 that holders (like me) can opt into:

He’s now revealed the first two sets, the first one named 8×8 after the geometry that rules the entire system:

I opted into this one, but it’s of course massively oversubscribed, so it’s down to a lottery to see if I win and my metadata gets changed to one of these.


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This was an interesting exact match domain sale that came up in my timeline. freebitcoinNFTs.com (i.e. Ordinals) was hand registered and sold for $2K, but the term does not have any search volume showing at Ubersuggest:

Instead it is just forwarded to freenft.com.

This got me thinking.

I missed out on the $PEPE memecoin crypto pump last week, but then thought maybe I should try to rank for “where to buy pepe” (I previously ranked #1 for “how to buy altcoins” back in 2017).

It’s showing as having some traffic:

Instead, I just picked up wheretobuypepe.com which is now listed for $2,111!

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