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This week I discuss The Nifty releasing its NFT collection, content site vs newsletter risk, and a 830% domain flip

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In this week’s newsletter, I discuss:

  • The Nifty PFP collection selling out

  • Content sites becoming more risky due to AI

  • Owned media becoming more valuable due to AI

  • A nice 830% domain flip in < 45 days

  • My take on the overall digital asset market - for Insider’s only (hidden using beehiiv’s new feature)


Richard Patey - @richardpatey


As mentioned last week, The Nifty just launched their first PFP collection Bodoggos. It minted yesterday at 5 SOL and is now trading at a 12 SOL floor on Magic Eden.

This is not just a generic mint, and it’s not just about the art as JackGK states on twitter:

The Nifty have been building their own free NFT platform, powered by its team of creators and shows such as The Morning Show which I haven’t missed an episode of for close to a year now.

As co-founder Nifty Nick posts on Twitter, things are going well by this chart of user growth on the site (who are also email subscribers):

I minted a BoDoggo, then sold it for an immediate 2x, and purchased more of a premium one which will become my new PFP (as soon as Twitter Blue allows it):


AI is making content site acquisitions risker, but not because Google will penalise good content that’s created using it. Rather, it’s the fact that Google with its Bard ‘experiment’ will likely be taking more and more traffic away from content sites:

So if we can’t rely on content sites for traffic, and the cost of paid acquisition on social continues to increase, what are we left with…?


In 2023 it’s now a necessity to own your own traffic, so newsletter acquisitions make a lot of sense.

Alx zoo has sold SEO-driven content sites and is now building a newsletter. He asks on Twitter asks, why would anyone sell newsletter businesses:

I’ve been asking myself this question ever since I sold funnelengine.com which had a 15K list back in the day!

But I’ve also held onto assets for too long, especially NFTs, and would rather sell something on the up, then on the way down.


Here’s a nice domain flip with mypickleballclub.com, 830% ROI in < 45 days:

Just don’t make the mistake that .coms are last century tech!

There really isn’t any better TLD then .com for most names (i.e. sponsorships.com).


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