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The crypto market is still bullish, and Handshake ($HNS) is up over 25% in the last week, since I bought and set out why I thought it had potentially bottomed in last weeks issue:


  • Blockchain interoperability platform Wormhole raises $225M at a $2.5B valuation (Link).

  • Mad Lads has continued to soar and is now well over a 200 SOL floor, having flipped Mutant Apes in market cap following announcement with Wormhole (Link).

  • Custody your crypto assets in just one click with no AUM fees (Link)*

  • Im now up 2x on my Lil Pudgy buy (I wrote about back in July) and you can now borrow against them on Blur (Link).

  • Sniper now allows users to buy NFTs with any Solana token (Link). I wrote about SPL tokens a couple of weeks ago.

  • Solana NFT volume continues to surge, and is now in the top 3 blockchains with almost as many buyers as on Ethereum:


Top Domain investor Andy Booth has been going against the traditional .com maxi narrative recently by being a proponent of .ai domains. He believes there is a much bigger opportunity here than with .xyz domains within the last web3 bull cycle:

But most of domain X seems to disagree, so Andy clarified his statement in this post (as well as in a longer post on Linkedin):

My tireless posting has been an attempt to illustrate the opportunity for investors that exists today in .ai. Decent returns will be possible for the top .ai. The top .ai. Its already been proven, and I didnt engineer anything.

If AI companies choose .ai in even 3 times out of 10, then investors ought to wake up. AI tech is going to take over or be a predominant feature of most every business in the coming few years.

Andy Booth

Andy shared a slide from a16z on how 35% of the top Generative AI startups are using .ai:

I could only find one decent and available one word .ai domain from One Word Domains when I looked back in February of this year, purchasing which I may actually build out on, in a similar way that Andy is in acquiring and others:

Although I hand registered mine for $69 and he has been spending six figures!

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Richard (@richardpatey)

Disclaimer: Nothing in this email is financial advice and I am not a professional investment adviser. I send weekly updates on digital asset news and what I'm doing personally - consider it informational and for entertainment purposes only. *Thanks to atato for sponsoring this link/issue.

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