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This week I discuss opportunities with aged domains, newsletters and distressed online businesses

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In this week’s newsletter, I discuss:

  • Investing in Aged Domains

  • Buying & Selling Newsletters

  • Trademarking Assets

  • Distressed Online Business Investing

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Richard Patey - @richardpatey

👴 Aged Domains as an Asset Class

Sean Markey (from RankTheory.com) was on the most recent Domain Name Wire podcast talking about aged domains:

An aged domain is one with a history of ranking in Google (i.e. an actual website was previously on it), with a valuable link profile, most typically defined by the Domain Rating (DR) metric from Ahrefs. These domains allow SEOs to quickly rebuild the site and get it ranking for valuable keywords.

As such, there is money to be made buying and selling aged domains.

For example, yobotics.com is a DR16 that is currently being sold on Odys for $3,490 to end users who are building out sites. According to Namebio it was acquired (won) at GoDaddy Auctions last month for an amazingly low $121 - SEO names can fly under the radar.

Odys has over 900 aged domains on their marketplace, with half being priced between $2K-$4K. So if the above domain sells for $3,490 that will be a 2800% gain. This is an outlier, but it does look as if there is a higher ROI buying and selling aged domains vs regular domains, where investors typically price up at 10x what they get names for.

And Odys now lets other people sell aged domains with no listing fees, making these liquid assets. In fact, the founder, Alex, just told me that they have domains that have changed hands many times, meaning you can buy a domain that you think is mispriced, and resell it on the marketplace.

Sean writes a monthly column on the Odys blog such as this one published earlier this week:

Sean also contributes to the Dropping Domains newsletter where we send the top aged domains currently at auction, as well as at Odys. This was yesterday’s newsletter:

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📧 Flipping Newsletters

You may know that I built and sold Flipping Websites back in 2019 - a podcast and facebook group as well as a website at flippingwebsites.co.

I chose the .co as the .com was taken and being sold with a $3K buy it now, which I thought was too much at the time. I didn’t want to pay an end-user price.

I foolishly mentioned this on a podcast, and the next week someone had bought it and started building out on it!

So I’ve just purchased flippingnewsletters.com (in case I ever do anything with the name) as am looking to start buying and selling newsletters:

My intention is to buy well, get as many subscribers across to my current newsletters at ACQUIRE.GG, improve monetization and then sell the asset for more than I paid for it.

I’ve also now set up my newsletter funnel which I wrote about in my Clickthrough newsletter:

™️ Trademarking Assets

Not having flippingwebsites . com (mentioned above) left me exposed to someone coming in and trademarking it. Similarly, I was exploring trademarking ACQUIRE.GG (when I was previously using the domain for online business M&A) after I heard that MicroAcquire.com had bought acquire.com.

One of the biggest domain sales so far this year was PFP.com selling for over $350K, which is an NFT term that stands for Picture for Proof:

lt was acquired by 9GAG.com to redirect to their Memeland NFT ecosystem. And now, the CEO Ray Chan is looking to trademark the term:

There was a hilarious discussion with Ray on the NFT Morning Show, where Nifty Nick was asking whether it was just for marketing / PR as it’s likely not possible you can trademark (and defend) such a widely used term in the industry:

It will be interesting to see what happens with their trademark application.

Want more NFT news?

Yup, I have a dedicated newsletter for that too 😀 

🔍 Community Spotlight

I recently connected with Danny V who is super knowledgeable in the world of wealth building and personal finance. His newsletter Wealth2 is a goldmine of information:

Wealth² NewsletterBuy Cash Flow • Build Passive Income • Diversify Your Net Worth

😟 Distressed Online Business Investing

Online businesses you see on curated marketplaces such as Empire Flippers will be profitable and in good standing (although search traffic can be declining after a Google Update).

However, there is a lot of deal flow where this is not the case, due to mismanagement or having too much debt.

Marc Roca from Domain Magnate sees distressed online business investing as a value play, that can be bought for less than 1x earnings with favorable terms, such as 5-year earn-outs at 0% interest and inventory seller finance.

If you are interested in learning more about this they have a Turnaround Business Investments form to complete.

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