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This week I discuss rebranding content site owners as creators and Nike about to drop its own NFT collection

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In this week’s newsletter, I discuss:

  • Have ENS domains now bottomed?

  • Website owners seen as creators

  • Programmatic SEO acquisition

  • Nike about to drop it’s own NFT collection


Richard Patey - @richardpatey


🦅 Website Owners Rebranded as Creators

Adthrive & CafeMedia have rebranded as Raptive but what’s most interesting to me is the language and positioning about helping creators make a living doing what they love:

CafeMedia and AdThrive are now Raptive, a new kind of company transforming creators into global brands and lasting businesses. Since the very beginning of blogging, we've been allies and advocates for all creators, with a seat at every table in the industry. Creators are the future of media. And together, the future is ours to create.

They’ve launched creator levels where you get additional benefits based on how much ad revenue you generate, such as SEO support, customized email marketing strategies, recruiting and HR operations consulting, executive coaching and even wealth management:

These benefits look so stacked that there may be an arbitrage play of buying websites with > 50,000 monthly sessions that are on other platforms and moving across to benefit.

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If you choose them you will get:

  • A trusted account with 10 years of history, $3.5M transacted across 162 deals, 100% positive feedback, and thousands of watchers

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  • Promotion to their email list with thousands of buyers

Thanks to Just Website Brokerage for sponsoring this issue 🙏

👑 The King of Programmatic SEO

Ian Nuttall, who has been building and selling programmatic SEO websites since 2017, and creator of Practical Programmatic, just acquired a competitor product:

Ian jokingly comments in one tweet in the thread:

If you can't beat them, acquire them...


👟 Nike Dropping Own NFT

Nike has been going hard marketing their .Swoosh forthcoming drop next month. This is really big news as it will be converting its traditional web2 and sneaker audience into web3, in a similar way Reddit did with its collectible avatars.

Reddit sucessfully onboarded millions of users into NFTs by not using the term. And likewise, Nike are calling these boxes, rather than NFTs, and you need to use your debit / credit card to purchase:

The collection size is over 100K but I’m sure it will sell out:

You need to be a .swoosh member to access, I recently minted my membership ID (solebound token):

Which enables me to:

Meet other members, collect virtual creations, get special access to physical and virtual collections, and have the chance to co-create with Nike. Each .SWOOSH ID represents a member of the .SWOOSH community and their unique digital identity on the .SWOOSH platform.

So what’s in the ‘Our Force 1’ (OF1) boxes?

Nike just dropped a thread stating there will be 3 different types of Air Force 1s (AF1):

  • Archive - OG colorways and styles brought to life for the virtual era

  • Generative - Unique, computer-generated trait combinations of never-before-seen AF1s.

  • .Swoosh studio - Co-created originals from the Your Force 1 winning designers.

Regardless of whether you’re into brand Nike or sneakers, minting these for under $20 feels like a no brainer that could really cook (NFA!). The majority of owners (new to web3) will not initially know how to sell (bridge), let alone understand rares and floor prices.


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I’ve been watching the 10K club of ENS (.eth) domains closely (mentioned in this post and last week) and it’s looking like it may have bottomed, with the market repricing due to the impact of renewals.

4 digit .eth domains dropped down as far as 0.399ETH two days ago, and have been rising since, now back up to a 0.58ETH floor.

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