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This week I talk about using leverage to raise $12.5M, acquire content sites, launch an NFT collection and get your domain portfolio into shape

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In this week’s newsletter, I discuss:

  • The beehiiv rocket ship adds $12.5M in fuel

  • Leveraging equity to acquire online businesses

  • An upcoming Solana NFT mint I’m in

  • A summertime checklist for domain investors

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Richard Patey - @richardpatey


Beehiiv, the platform that powers this newsletter, just raised $12.5M in a Series A by Lightspeed Venture Partners:

Beehiiv had already got to profitability earlier so it would have been able to use leverage in its funding negotiations to get a great deal, rather than needing the funding like some of its competitors.

Tyler Denk the co-founder and CEO states how they will use the funding:

Looking ahead, we aim to become a dominant player in the advertising space.

We are building a platform to help companies and brands reach their customers via targeted native placements in email; while simultaneously helping publishers and creators to significantly scale their revenue.

This Series A will enable them to ship even more growth features for newsletter operators, far quicker than they already have been doing.

As such, running a newsletter business that isn’t on beehiiv will soon become something you do if you don’t like making money.

And it will continue to be a great arbitrage play in acquiring newsletters on other platforms and migrating across.

For weekly newsletter listings, as well as content sites, check out the Acquire The Web newsletter:

Acquire The WebDigital media asset deal flow from the main marketplaces every Monday


A key tool for unlocking opportunities in the digital world is leveraging equity in acquisitions.

To leverage equity, Boopos (who has partnered with both Flippa and Acquire.com) recommends doing the following:

  • Assess your existing equity by evaluating business assets like cash, property, intellectual property, and brand value.

  • Create a strategic acquisition plan by defining goals, target market, and business criteria.

  • Explore financing options, like partnering with investors or leveraging Boopos' tailored financing solutions.

  • Use your equity as a powerful bargaining tool during acquisition negotiations, emphasizing its value and potential growth.

  • Drive growth and success by integrating the acquired business into your operations and capitalizing on shared resources.

I’ve personally worked with Boopos to get content sites pre-qualified for financing, and it’s a fast and simple process.

Check out Boopos’ tailored financing solutions.


The Nifty is now leveraging the audience it’s built up as a media company, and is transitioning into a full blown NFT project with multiple collections.

It’s just about to drop the BoDoggo’s collection on Solana and I just grabbed mine in the pre-sale for Nifty Portal holders:

For me this collection works well as a PFP, and The Nifty have built their own NFT platform which it will integrate into.

I’m looking forward to receiving my BoDoggo on mint day, June 27.


Domain Name Wire just posted a summertime checklist for domain investors:

The key takeaways are the early renewal of domains that are expiring by the end of the year, and seeing if transferring them to a different registrar can save you money.

I recommend you leverage the insights in this post to your full advantage (ok struggled on this last one!).


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