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X getting a crypto payments license, linkedin newsletters, the power of Grayscale, and my domains flying high

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  • X getting a crypto payments license

  • Linkedin newsletters (what are they good for?)

  • The power of Grayscale vs the SEC

  • My domains flying high


Richard Patey - @richardpatey


License to Kill It

X has obtained a license for crypto payments, enabling it to custody, transfer and exchange digital currencies.

As NFT God states, this enables a new way to monetize the content that you are posting, through micro payments or tips from users:

Back in 2020, after selling my paid substack, I moved to Revue which Twitter (at the time) acquired, then subsequently (correctly) killed. Newsletters ‘on’ Twitter didn’t work, and I don’t think they work on Linkedin either (next story).

What does work on the now X are subscriptions (which I’m eligible for):

As well as monetizing through ad revenue sharing (which I’m not yet eligible for):

And now on top of these, you will be able to earn crypto payments.

I expect more newsletter operators will chop up and syndicate their stories as posts on X going forward.

Linkedin Newsletters (What Are They Good For?)

I’m often asked whether people should get into Linkedin newsletters, and my answer is yes, but in terms of audience profiling.

You obviously don’t get access to the emails (although ten years ago you could actually export the emails of all your connections, and this is how I spammed found my way to my first 1K subs) and you can’t build an asset that can be sold.

But you do get post analytics which is valuable. For example, on my content websites are dead post I syndicated there I can see my demographics, as well as location and most interested companies:

Hey founders


By The Power of Grayscale

Bitcoin spiked close to 10% yesterday, on the news that the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that there was no good reason for the SEC to deny Grayscale launching a spot ETF. But today there has been up to a 50% retracement from that high:

Grayscale will now be granted a petition for review by the SEC, so the odds have gone up considerably. But even though CNBC thinks it’s ‘coming soon’, this will likely still drag out a lot longer.

However, even in a bear market, it just goes to show the impact a potential ETF can have on the price of a $500B+ asset.

First Disruption to Smartphones Since iPhone🤳

Tech Startup With Traction: Turn your phone from a cost to an income source. Intriguing idea, isn't it? This is why, we have our eyes on the launch of Mode Mobile’s Pre-IPO Offering. It’s the latest in a series of impressive raises among smartphone innovators, likely spurred by Apple’s recent $3+ trillion valuation.

Mode saw 150x revenue growth from 2019 to 2022, a leap that has made them one of America’s fastest growing companies. Mode is on a mission to disrupt the entire industry with their "EarnPhone," a budget smartphone that’s helped consumers earn and save $150M+ for activities like listening to music, playing games, and ... even charging their devices?!

Over 11,000 investors already acquired shares — and with only days remaining prior to their bonus tier closing, allocations are limited.

*Disclosure: Please read the offering circular at invest.modemobile.com. This is a paid advertisement for Mode Mobile’s Regulation CF Offering.


My Oh My

Afternic just released its top 20 keywords that sold on its platform in June, and AI is still hot, at #2, but ‘my’ takes the top spot:

And now at the end of August, this shows no signs of slowing with MyUniversity.com (featured in today’s DSAD.com) just selling at GoDaddy Auctions for $12,150 (thanks to Namebio for catching the price).


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