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This week I discuss a beehiiv newsletter raising $2M, .com domains with AI in the name selling big, and PFPs losing billions in market cap

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In this week’s newsletter, I discuss:

  • A beehiiv newsletter raises $2M

  • AI .com domains selling big

  • Profile pic NFTs lose billions in market cap


Richard Patey - @richardpatey


Sara Fischer, senior media reporter for Axios, announced that the fantasy football media property Fantasy Life, by Matthew Berry, has raised $2M from entrepreneurs, athletes and investors.

Investors with ‘specific expertise in building newsletter businesses’ are the Morning Brew co-founder and CEO Austin Rief who joins the board, along with theSkimm co-founders, as well as Workweek CEO Adam Ryan (mentioned in last week’s issue).

Fantasy Life launched as a daily email newsletter in 2020 to promote its merch but then:

…has since evolved into the anchor of a sizable media business, with 350,000 email subscribers and more than 2 million unique visitors visiting fantasylife.com per month

Sara Fischer

Its audience has made it a seven figure business from selling sponsorships, and has 13 full-time staff.

But the best bit is that its newsletter is on beehiiv as Tyler the CEO posts:


A few issues ago, I featured how domains with crypto at the start were selling for big money. This week it’s AI at the end that has been doing well in 2023, in particular photoAI.com for $40K:

The buyer of which is Pieter Levels who has made a big ROI from AI domains by building actual businesses out on them:


Sam aka Punk 9059 aka NFTstats shared a chart yesterday showing that over the last 6 months there has been a $2.2B (yes that’s a B) decrease in the market cap of major NFT profile picture projects (PFPs):

BAYC has seen the biggest decrease, peaking at 76ETH before dropping to its now 28ETH floor:

In USD terms, that’s a $77K drop from $129K to $52K today.


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