No longer a Substack maxi - welcome to Beehiiv!

I'm launching the Digital Asset Investing 'editorial newsletter' on Beehiiv...

Hey there from Beehiiv 👋

Yes, Patey is no longer a Substack maxi. The reason for this is a new product I’m launching later this month called The Newsletter Is The Business, where I’m teaching people how to launch editorial newsletters.

And after completing my time with ALTS by Flippa, I needed another editorial-style newsletter and also to try out all the features of Beehiiv, and other platforms.

I’ve realized that my existing 6 newsletters on Substack, over at ACQUIRE.GG, are not exactly editorial anymore.

For example, Acquire Websites now lists all the new content site deals across the major marketplaces (this Monday’s post). Likewise, Dropping Domains lists the top SEO domains at Odys and at GoDaddy Auctions (yesterday’s post).

So this Digital Asset Investing newsletter (at the quite frankly epic subdomain of will be a weekly recap of all the top stories and opportunities within the world of digital assets - content sites, domains, newsletters, NFTs, and anything else.

And this style of newsletter is what the product I’ve just prelaunched for $97 will be about (going up to $197 or $247 when it launches later this month). Preorders are going pretty well:

So look out for this Digital Asset Investing newsletter in your inbox from next Wednesday. (Or just hit unsubscribe, I won’t be offended.)

Oh and because it’s on Beehiiv I can now launch my own referral program, and I will be creating a leaderboard for those who refer the most subscribers. Rewards and prizes will include physical gifts as well as digital products and assets such as NFTs. But for now, the first milestone is a twitter shoutout:

Ok that’s it from me, until next week, be well.


Richard Patey - @richardpatey

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