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This week I discuss a new Flippa membership, why I'm bullish on Pudgy Penguins, helping newsletter advertisers to get more subs, and a $85K domain upgrade

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In this week’s newsletter, I discuss:

  • A new Flippa membership offering

  • Why I’m bullish on Pudgy Penguins

  • Swapstack helping newsletter advertisers to get more subs

  • A $85K domain upgrade


Richard Patey - @richardpatey


Flippa just launched a subscription product for buyers called First Access where you get a 21-day head start on new listings, instant NDA access, access to exclusive listings and get recommended as a premium buyer:

It’s priced at $99/m, for $1,188/yr vs Acquire.com’s platinum plan at $780/yr, and Microns premium membership (who I think were first to offer this model to buyers) at $299/yr.


I bought my first real life NFT collectible, a Pudgy Penguins Action Figure which is now siting on my desk:

It’s a cute toy, but I wanted to experience the NFT functionality that comes with its adoption certificate.

You scan a QR code on a the certificate (in the photo above) and get sent to Pudgy World where you input a unique code on signup. This code unlocks traits with different levels of rarity, that you can then use to build your own custom Pudgy.

You can sell these traits on the Pudgy Penguin Traits marketplace, and the value of my traits combined are close to the amount I spent on the figurine!:

But I’m keeping the traits and have used them to create my Pudgy Patey penguin, which looks rather dashing:

I know of no other NFT project that is building IP in such a strong way, and has a gameplan to take its brand mass market. It’s the total opposite approach to Moonbirds:

And the market is pricing it as such. Whilst most other NFT floors have been getting destroyed, Pudgy Penguins is at the same 4ETH level it was back in December:

Whereas Moonbirds (which took IP away from its holders) has gone from 7.7ETH to 1.6ETH over this timeframe.

Once NFTs have proven to have bottomed, I’ll be looking to pick up and hold a Lil Pudgy.


This newsletter got featured in Entrepreneur.com’s 10 Must-Read Business Newsletters for Entrepreneurs Looking to Level Up, coming in at #2 under Morning Brew.

The article featured publications that are running newsletter affiliate deals on Swapstack who have been releasing new features to help newsletter publishers get more subscribers.

One is a new recommendations page post signup (which you can play with if you go through this optin), shown below:

I’m still running paid acquisition within beehiiv’s Boosts, but it’s important to also use platform agnostic solutions such as Swapstack to acquire subs and better monetize your newsletter assets through affiliate offers.


Cal Short who is building an AI content platform that is trained on your existing articles, just paid $85K to upgrade from reword.co to reword.com:

Cal in his tweet asked people to sign up to help with the acquisition cost, so I did, and I really like the platform where the AI can help you come up with subheadings, questions, statistics and facts:

Another way to help with the acquisition cost is to apply for financing with Domain Capital, who lend up to 60% LTV.


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