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This week I discuss new TLDs from Google, buying rich.dad on Porkbun, DomainsGPT, ENS Subnames and Hilco Digital Assets

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Hey there 👋,

We have a domains focussed issue this week due to the fact that:

  • There has been a ton of domain name news

  • NFT liquidity has massively dropped due to memecoin season, which has pushed up gas prices so high its not worth trading small cap NFTs. (I did buy some $TURBO though)

In this week’s newsletter, I discuss:

  • New TLDs from Google and buying rich.dad

  • Using a .xyz as an affiliate link shortener

  • DomainsGPT

  • ENS Subnames marketplace

  • Hilco Digital Assets

Over the last week, I’ve lowered the number of referrals required for each reward level:

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Richard Patey - @richardpatey


🌐 New TLDs from Google

Google just released 8 new top level domains such as .dad, .phd and .foo.

My name is Rich(ard) and I’m a dad, so it was natural for me to register to use rich.dad, but this was coming up at $580 (£460) a year registration fee at Google Domains:

Plus you have to purchase a SSL certificate on top:

So I headed to Porkbun and picked it up for $545 (saving $35) which includes a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate:

And with over 350 extensions registered at DotDB, it could be a good investment:

🐽 More Fun on Porkbun

I also recently bought hiiv.xyz on Porkbun for a crazy low $2.04, with their 1st year sale offer:

I’m using it as a link shortener for my beehiiv affiliate link, after seeing Brooks Watson, from Newsletter Buzz, doing similar with his hiivmind.com.

I’ve discovered that Porkbun also have a lot of 2FA options to secure your domains.

Not having 2FA was a reason I moved all my domains out from 123-reg, the first register I used back in the day.

I also transferred some domains into Porkbun which was a simple process:

When I’ve transferred domains into other registrars in the past, such as GoDaddy or Namecheap, I’ve ran into domain unlocks not showing up which delayed the process.

Thanks to Porkbun for sponsoring this issue. Porkbun paid for my time to research, test, and write an unbiased review for my subscribers. They did not have editorial control over this piece.

🤖 Domains GPT

Steven Tey from oneword.domains recently integrated AI into its DomainsGPT feature, which finds available domains based on your search criteria:

My favourite is two-word combinations, and I asked it to come up with domains starting with letter:

Porkbun also recently integrated ChatGPT into its search.

🤖 ENS Subname Marketplace

Now you can create and sell subnames of .eth domains at ENS Vision:

There’s not a lot of inventory yet (again due to the high gas prices right now) and people are mainly just offering subnames as domain hacks such as ti.amo.eth.

🤖 Hilco Digital Assets

I just came across Hilco Digital Assets (HDA) from the most recent Domain Name Wire Podcast, where Andrew Allemann spoke with the Managing Director, Andrew Miller:

HDA is part of Hilco Global (a financial services company with expertise across all major asset classes) and is a leading advisor and investor in premium .com domain names, as well as an expert in web3 and NFTs.

This is because Andrew Miller (MD) is a top domain name expert who has been involved with over $500m+ of domain name asset transactions, such as Home.com, Universal.com and Affiliate.com. He was also early to BAYC and other NFT projects.

It’s validating to read this on their homepage:

Digital assets are the fastest growing and most rapidly appreciating asset class…

Our perspective is that Non- Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are well underway to becoming core infrastructure to successfully competing and conducting business.

Hilco Digital Assets oversaw the sale of Chat.com to Dharmesh (featured in this issue), and recently announced a $10M strategic investment in Squadhelp.

And Squadhelp is launching an “Ultra Premium Marketplace” this summer, in partnership with HDA, to feature the most valuable domain names on the Internet.

It will use AI to help domain investors achieve better results, such as one-click AI-generated descriptions and auto-categorization of your entire portfolio.

HDA itself is overseeing a large number of premium, exact match and category domains such as beer.com and try.com. It also has a number of one word .xyz domains such as trip.xyz and also ENS domains such as business.eth.

Another Hilco Global’s company is Hilco Streambank which runs an online auction marketplace for IPv4 addresses:

This is a category of digital asset I had not considered before.


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