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This week I discuss selling .eth subdomains, non-accredited opportunities in websites, and the launch of Opensea Pro

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In this week’s newsletter, I discuss:

  • Opportunities from selling .eth subdomains

  • WebStreet opens up to non-accredited investors

  • Gem goes Pro and offers free NFT to users

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🎁 ENS Name Wrappers

In a previous newsletter, I talked about selling SLDs on Handshake TLDs, i.e. the name to the left of the dot, such as the beehiiv in beehiiv.com.

Now we will soon have the ability to sell subdomains (third level domains) such as the invest in my invest.beehiiv.com, on ENS (Ethereum Name Service).

Crystal Zurn in the latest ENS HQ newsletter had an excellent write up of the opportunity, but to summarize, all current .eth domains are ERC-721 tokens (which most NFTs are). In 2 days time you will have the ability to wrap your domain for an an ERC-1155 token (which most NFT editions are such as the current Nifty Portal).

You will then be able to create other ERC-1155 NFTs for subdomains that you create. For example I could manually create richard.patey.eth and so on.

But in the Deep Dive into the ENS Name Wrapper on Mirror it mentions the ability to create a subname registrar where customers will be able to register their own subnames.

As such, you will be able to sell subdomains of your .eth names, which can be traded on marketplaces such as Opensea. I wonder if these subdomains will be within the existing ENS collection where there are currently 2.7M items.

If so, the number of .eth NFTs is about to explode.

I’m happy to continue to wait to sell my regular second level Lazy Domains with Namebase, but the ENS community is excited:

I said two weeks ago that I was waiting for an entry to buy 4 digit (10K Club) ENS domains. Well since then .eth domains have continued to drop from 0.8ETH down to 0.6ETH as renewals are about to hit. I’m looking forward to seeing how low these will go before picking one up.

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💵 WebStreet Round 5 on Wefunder

WebStreet launched their first crowdfunding investment opportunity, meaning that non accredited investors can now own shares of online businesses.

It’s a $1K minimum investment, with the average deal size coming in just shy of $6K so far:

Whilst this new investment option is not yet open to the public, WebStreet are accepting reservations from investors who have expressed interest previously.

Check out the Wefunder page for more details.

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Gem, the platform that Opensea acquired almost a year ago, has rebranded as OpenSea Pro, and based on the dark UI it looks to be taking on Blur:

If you used the platform before the end of last month you qualify for a free NFT mint of Gemesis:

I just claimed mine where the collection currently has a 0.042ETH floor, but big players don’t care about a free NFT, they just want Opensea to launch their own token:

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