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This week I discuss media agencies vetting websites, content site inventory down, and Solana Pay comes to Shopify

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In this week’s newsletter, I discuss:

  • Media agencies vetting low quality websites

  • Content site inventory down, newsletters up

  • Solana Pay comes to Shopify

  • No more Kinder TLD Surprise


Richard Patey - @richardpatey


I’m super selective in who I let sponsor this newsletter, which is good as most crypto companies (especially NFT projects) that are interested are a scam.

This is not the case with content sites where, let’s be honest, 90% of niche sites are SEO factories designed to get people to click on programmatic ads or go to Amazon.

These ‘made for advertising’ sites (MFA) are typically:

overrun by towering banner ads and strategically positioned video ad players, morphing the browsing experience into a cacophony of commercial chaos…

…However, behind the scenes, the very machines that facilitate ad purchases perceive these sites as golden opportunities. They’re more likely to be seen and they’re cheaper than a lot of other ads. Of course, those ads are going to be bought.

Seb Johnson at Digiday

And according to the programmatic consultancy Jounce Media, nearly a quarter of private marketplaces (PMP) allocate more than 25% of their budget to MFA inventory.

It was reported earlier this week in Digiday that one of the largest media agencies, GroupM, has taken matters into its own hands to vet potential MFAs within its programmatic business.

So how does this relate to our world of investing in digital media assets?

Firstly, I think this just adds to the AI trend of devaluing content sites.

In the Acquire The Web newsletter I’m now seeing less content site listings come onto the market to feature each week. And I just received this email from the top broker on Flippa (and previous sponsor) Joe Burrill from Just Website Brokerage talk about seeing a decrease in content sites and a move towards listing ecommerce sites:

As you’re probably aware, I’m personally betting that the move is towards newsletter businesses.

I think newsletters will 10x over the next few years and become the dominant online business digital asset seen on marketplaces.

But I agree with what Marketing Max posted, that the increased supply will make landing sponsors way harder going forward, and any that have been made purely for sponsorships will fail:

And I also agree with Adam Ryan, CEO of Workweek that the answer is by forming a collective of niche newsletters:

This is what I’m now doing at Letter Operators, by only taking on clients who are in business, investing and web3, so that I can be effective in managing their sponsorships as well as running their newsletters.

That’s right, Patey has productized once again:

Talking of digital media, one of only a handful of newsletters I religously open is Niche Media Publishing by my long time subscriber and online friend Chris.

Learn how to build, grow and monetize any digital content (including digital magazines) by subscribing to his newsletter.


Big news for investors into Shopify stores (I’ve built and sold one previously) as well as Solana fans, as the platforms just announced an integration:

This is huge as it means that Solana Pay is now available to millions of Shopfiy businesses to offer crypto payments to their customers.

Solana Pay (which I featured in this issue) is now an option within the Shopify Checkout, and customers can pay using Phantom wallet:

And you can do this in a frictionless way with immediate settlement:

Payments should be accessible, fast, and frictionless: With no intermediary, Solana Pay eliminates bank fees, chargebacks, and holding times while enabling immediate, direct payment settlement of USD stablecoins compatible with Solana.

And this means that Shopify payments have become web3 enabled, enabling brands to offer token-gating and NFT loyalty programs:


And finally, Ferrero, the maker of Kinder Eggs (my childhood) is dropping two of its TLDs.

Maybe patey.kinder can be up for grabs.


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