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Splitting digital media from this newsletter, the next TLD land rush, and not getting attached to digital assets

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This newsletter is splitting up with you.

Going forward, I’ll be discussing digital media in its own new newsletter, in partnership with another niche media publisher (expect it in your inbox tomorrow).

Digital media assets need to be actively run (Letter Operators 👀), and I felt they never truly jelled with passive assets such as crypto and domain investing, which is what I will mostly be talking about here going forward.

This will remain my main newsletter, but if this news makes you think for even a second about hitting that unsubscribe button:

I made way more money in 2017 and 2021 from crypto and NFTs than I did in online business, and I expect this will happen again in 2025.

So I’d advise you to keep up with this space, when sentiment is low, so you can take advantage when this flips.

If that didn’t convince you, top domain broker (and crypto/NFT investor) Andrew Rosener says it best:

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  • The next TLD land rush?

  • Don’t get attached to digital assets


Richard Patey - @richardpatey


Josh Reason, from the wholesale domain marketplace DNWE, asked on X what could be the next TLD land rush (after .xyz and .ai domains):

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I love .gg domains, which got mentioned in the replies.

But the most interesting one for me, that I hadn’t considered before, was .cc:

I headed to Namebio to look up sale history to get a feel. The top 10 sales on the secondary market to date have been short two letter domains or numbers:

I’ll certainly be researching names on dotDB and picking up a couple.


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Holding my Moonbirds NFT from $120K down to $15K (but selling on the $30K bounce) was one of my biggest investing mistakes but also lessons learned. I minted it at $8K, sold their secondary collection airdrop (Oddities) which covered my cost base, and made profit but I still consider it my biggest ‘loss’.

Rahul.eth makes the same points regarding Bored Apes which were multiples higher:

BAYC went from a $200 mint in 2021 up to $450K in 2022 at the top of the bull market, but many didn’t sell:

Never get attached to a digital asset; it doesn’t get attached to you:


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