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This week I discuss the first NFT project to create a Twitter affiliate badge, looking out for domain trademark issues with AI content, and a 4L.com domain flip

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In this week’s newsletter, I discuss:

  • Domain name trademark issues with AI content

  • A 34x ROI on a 4L .com domain

  • The first twitter affiliate badge for an NFT collection


Richard Patey - @richardpatey


There was an interesting article on DomainInvesting.com about being mindful of trademarks on AI generated content:

If you use AI to generate content or a 3rd party designer to create sample content or mock up logos, you should check to see whether it might inadvertently implicate a trademark meaning associated with the domain.

It’s now totally possible to generate good enough logos for your domain portfolio using Midjourney if you use a a ChatGPT plugin to create the prompt for you:

The latest Domain Name Wire podcast was about AI & domain names:

In other domain news, Hiren tweeted how he sold a 4L.com for $5,100 which he purchased for $150, with a 4 year hold:

I’m personally still (here’s) hoping for a 230x with my 4L ngut.com!


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The infamous Ben.eth who created the $BEN and $PSYOP memecoins, actually launched something innovative in the NFT space with his Orange NFT collection.

Orange NFTs give holders an orange twitter badge (shown in the tweet below) which shows up on their profiles:

These affiliate badges enable proof of ownership on Twitter, whilst unlocking paid feature access.

I expect many more NFT projects (and online businesses) to become Twitter verified organizations and create Twitter profile badges for their members. As Twitter states:

An affiliated account receives verification (denoted by either a blue, gold, or grey checkmark) as well as an affiliate badge, a small image of their parent organization's profile picture, displayed next to their checkmark. Clicking or pressing this badge takes a user directly to the affiliated organization, making it a great driver of followers from your whole network on Twitter.

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