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Unstoppable Domains drops legal case, and NFT market volume reaches new lows

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  • NFT market volume reaches new lows

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Richard Patey - @richardpatey


Unstoppable domains posted yesterday that they have given up on their case against the Handshake .wallet/ TLD, with .hey/ tweeting that decentralization is the true unstoppable force:

However, there is still a countersuit in play by the .wallet/ TLD against Unstoppable for damages:

And Michael Michelini just published a video stating that the .wallet/ TLD owner, who was personally named in the lawsuit, will likely now restart selling names:

However, a win for Unstoppable was with the recent acquisition of the .sats/ Handshake TLD:

The previous owner stated that the first part of the reason for selling was not wanting to spend time fighting a battle in court:

And the second part being that .sats/ was ‘stuck’ within the centralised entity Namebase (owned by Namecheap).

However, as reported last week, this entity just released a decentralized SLD option at HNS.ID where TLD owners will be able to stake and sell names on the Ethereum network (using Optimism L2) soon.


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With Opensea daily volume down to under $2M per day now, Nifty Nick asks whether NFTs were just sh*tcoins all along:

At the peak of the ‘21 bull run, which popped in early 2022 for NFTs, Opensea was doing volume north of $100M a day. Now it’s not even a billion dollar GMV business:

We really, truly, are in the desperation phase of the market cycle.

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